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  • Konkoit

    Bird watching enthusiast portal. See what others are doing all over the world and add your own birding activity for an experience of being part of a passionate world-wide birding community. Engaging aesthetics and convenient mobile device tools make this a proud showcase project.

    • Use of Intensive Map-dependant Visual Data
    • Multiple Platform Mobile App Integration
    • Multiple Language Support of Critical Content
    • Customer-facing Simplified Web Interface
  • City Solve

    Information management system deployed in multiple municipalities for Town Planning and Building Control processing. CitySolve also provides an income maximizer that uses Geo Spatial reporting to show where counsel has the highest amount of outstanding bills to improve on debt collection and service delivery.

    • Use of Intensive Map-dependant Visual Data
    • Data Capturing & Admin Governance Pages
    • UI Wizard-based Data-Management Tools
  • TST Power

    TST Online provides meter solutions to those on Eskom's power grid and draws thousands of meters' data into individualized reports. We are responsible for the acquisition server solution, web interface, and delivering billing and tracking reports.

    • Advanced Reporting and Doc. Export Features
    • Automated Bulk Data Acquisition, Storage, etc.
    • Customer-facing Simplified Web Interface
  • MTN Directory Listing

    Their very own "Yellow Pages" equivalent, we are responsible for acquiring, managing, and delivering the directory listing data. A small portal website we also built, allows MTN staff to search and access the data. Mobile Subscribers call MTN then to get the directory information and directions. A complete end-to-end solution.

    • Automated Remote Database Updates
    • Simplified Web Interface Access
    • Multiple Back-End Systems Integration
  • IDES

    The Interactive Driver Education System is a training programme where vehicle Driver's Licenses and Learner's Licenses can be obtained through using enhanced learning tools and driving simulators. We created the software backbone of managing the complex and flexible business and administration processes.

    • Remote Server Synchronization
    • CD Key & Voucher verification system
    • Data Encryption / Decryption
    • End User Time Management & Use Tracking
  • Spisys

    Known as the Spacial Planning and Information System, it provides a comprehensive solution for managing complex governmental responsibilities. This includes features for Governance, Project Life Cycles, Asset Management, Cost Model & Calculators, etc. It combines GIS and advanced web interfaces.

    • Geographical Information System for Map-dependant Visual Data
    • Multiple Live Systems with Automated Failover Backups and 24/7 Support
    • Complex Compartementalization and User Access Control
    • High Performance Map Rendering that work well on Mobile Devices
  • Woodhill College

    The activities and arrangements that go with running a school do indeed require a centralized place to support communication with parents and students. That's what Woodhill College's website is about.

    • Easy to Use Content Management System
    • Custom Design through Collaboration with Client
    • Search Engine Optimized, also Managed through the CMS
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