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  • Tech Consulting

    Profusion has experience in putting together business solutions that require digital technologies integrated across multiple platforms. Access our expertise and experience by making use of our consultancy services.

  • Custom Development

    Developing software for industries like Telecommunications, Utility Tracking, Governance, GIS Mapping Solutions, Mobile Devices, Software & Web Applications etc. - we have a track record for creating customized end-to-end solutions.

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    Diverse Portfolio

    Our custom development provide for the Department of Water and Forestry, MTN, and market niche-wielding TST Power utility forensics. Visit our portfolio page to get a more comprehensive list with details.

  • Strategic Partners

    Synergy between diverse partners will always win in both specialization and broader needs coverage. A proven key to the success of both our own and current partner interests, we are always open to new opportunities.


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Mobile Readiness

Most markets are gradually shifting interaction channels to mobile delivery platforms. Don’t get left behind - find out what you should do about it.
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Cost Effectiveness

Best practices for consulting and development plus accurate tracking of invested funding help create trust, mitigate risk, and reduce cost.
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Professional Planning

Those who fail to plan, plan to fail - as the cliche goes. Construction of a building doesn't happen without blueprints; neither should an IT System
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Reporting Practices

Good decisions are based on accurate and useful info, no matter what the project or system is. Stay in control with our customised reports.
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Holistic Approach

Holistic Approach

When most digital technology solution companies are approached, they sell technology instead of solutions to the client's business needs. Technology is merely a tool - a single component among others like business processes, human resources, etc. and everything is considered in a holistic approach we take on meeting your needs.

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